Unforgettable Bali Honeymoon Itinerary: Experience Romance in Paradise

Bali Honeymoon

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world for Honeymooners. From the second you land at the airport, it becomes quite easy to understand why this is the case. Bali’s beauty meets at the crossroads of unbelievable proximity to remote nature and a culture that never stops giving or acting with kindness.

If you’re headed to Bali for your honeymoon, we can offer you a robust list of activities to add to your agenda. We will cover the best (and most romantic) activities to do for newlyweds. Then we will highlight some of the nicest and most romantic restaurants in Bali. After that, we will offer insight into the best hotels, villas, and accommodations for your stay.

A lot of people decide to stay at all-inclusive resorts during their honeymoon. While I certainly understand the appeal and desire to stay in your room each evening, there are ways to have your cake and eat it, too. Forgo the overpriced franchise hotel experience and opt for something more memorable.

Outdoor Exploration

There are several places that one absolutely must visit when in Bali. At World365, we highly recommend the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud are world-famous for their gorgeous views of tiered rice paddies and their innovative irrigation system (that’s over 1000 years old). This area is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and arguably the prettiest one I’ve ever visited.

There are several large swing platforms. Many women choose to wear a long, flowing dress and take pictures on these swings. They’re an ideal picture opportunity for couples who wish to document their honeymoon. The men who work at these swings are unofficial professional iPhone photographers who you can trust to capture the best angles. 

It’s worth noting that this particular destination can become rather crowded as the day progresses. We highly recommend visiting in the early morning with your loved one. If you visit during sunrise, it’s quite common to have the entire place to yourself.

If you want to visit an area of Bali that is more ‘off-the-grid’, check out Nusa Penida. There isn’t a ton of infrastructure on the island so expect your car ride to be a bit bumpy. This area is becoming increasingly popular for tourists. Due to the low level of infrastructure, it’s quite common for visitors to spend the majority of their day-trip in a car. 

You don’t want to spend your honeymoon sitting in traffic. The most popular destinations on Nusa Penida reside on polar opposite sides of the island – the East Coast and on the West Coast. If you want to avoid traffic, keep your experiences consolidated to a single side of the island. In doing so, you can actually enjoy the nature around you. 

Another outdoor adventure in Bali includes dolphin watching in Lovina. It’s a bit of a drive and most people don’t visit Northern Bali (as it’s certainly not as glamorous as its Southern counterparts). If you make it to this area, wake up at 5 am. Get a private boat to yourself and watch the sunrise as you chase tiny dolphins around the harbor. It’s almost like a game of hide and seek.

If you like to scuba dive, Bali is a huge hub for ‘underwater tourism’. There are several incredible reefs. As a huge hotspot for Australian tourists, I believe it’s telling if those who live next to the Great Barrier Reef choose to spend their vacation time in  Balinese waters. 

Rent a private charter boat and explore the waters around Bali. Most boats leave from the Sanur area. There are few things more romantic than scuba diving or snorkeling along with your loved one. If you want to see giant manta rays, visit the waters near Nusa Penida. During the right time of year, one can even come across the occasional whale shark.

If you’re interested in seeing sea turtles, head over to Gili Meno and Gili Air during your honeymoon. On the island of Gili Meno, there is a small turtle conservatory founded by a single man. Its origins are questionable to some people, but I believe his actions are wholeheartedly altruistic. 

As sea turtles lay eggs at night, this man actually digs the eggs up and collects them. When baby sea turtles hatch, they aren’t necessarily prepared for life. For example, they are too small to swim. They can only float. This causes the majority of new hatchlings to become subject to predation.

From the collection stage, he puts them into an incubator. He raises these creatures until they are big enough to swim for themselves without fear of being scooped up by a bird. While these actions may be questionable to many, I believe he’s solely responsible for increasing the once-dwindling sea turtle population in Bali.

Bali has a tremendous number of natural waterfalls. One of my personal favorites (and arguably the most romantic) is the Sekumpul Waterfall. It is located in the village of Sekumpul. Unlike Niagra Falls, you will have to endure a dirt road drive, a huge number of slick and wet steps, and even cross a river. It’s a challenging excursion. 

Sekumpul is actually comprised of 7 separate falls. The mouths of each river meet at this particular cliff. It’s a gorgeous sight. This waterfall is located in Northern Bali so it’s a great spot to visit if you check out Lovina. 

Another great waterfall for honeymooners is about 30 minutes away from Ubud. Its name is Tibumana Waterfall. The reason this particular waterfall is great for newlyweds – it’s almost always empty. You’ll rarely see a crowd. It’s perfect for those who want a little alone time. Jump in the water! Swimming is not just allowed but encouraged.

If you’re looking for a romantic picture to capture and encapsulate your honeymoon experience, visit the Tukad Cepung waterfall.  Large rocks almost hide this beautiful stream of water and during early morning hours, rays of light shine through the trees to give this particular area a beautiful shine.

Massages and Spas

One of the most popular activities in Bali is undoubtedly the spa experience. This is perfect for honeymooners, especially. No trip to Bali is complete without a flower bath. The villa staff (or staff at a spa) fill your entire bathtub or pool with a gorgeous collection of flowers. These flowers are often organized to form specific designs.

If you’re in Uluwatu, we highly recommend visiting The Edge for a luxury spa experience. Your massage table will overlook the cliffs of Uluwatu. This, of course, presents an obvious issue – you’re face down during your massage! How will you enjoy the views? They also offer swimming pools, steam alcoves, and liquid floors (whatever the heck that means).

There are several spas that are connected to luxury hotels in Ubud that offer a special package. Many of these luxury hotels have private river access. They have connected outdoor spa studios to these riverbeds and allow you to receive an ultra-relaxing spa beside a babbling brook. 

The two options above certainly fit into the ‘more expensive’ category. However, it’s your honeymoon! You are worth it – treat yourself!

If you want to spend your hard-earned money on something else, there are still great massage options for you. The average cost of a massage in Bali is approximately $14 (though we recommend you tip a bit extra). At these prices, you could certainly afford a massage every single day. 

If you are relaxing on any of the beaches near Kuta or Canggu, locals will walk up and down the beach offering sunbathers foot massages. They might not be the most qualified, but it’s hard to deny the pleasant bliss associated with a beachside foot rub. It’s the perfect activity if your significant is surfing. Grab a cold coconut and relax!

What to Eat?

If you want to dine, Bali is a great spot. If you want pork, Bali is the only spot in Indonesia to serve pork (the rest of the country has religious dietary restrictions).

Ibu Okay Babi Guling might not be the most luxurious, but it’s certainly the most delicious meal for lunch. What is babi guling you might ask? Well, it literally translates to ‘suckling pig’, though it’s not actually a baby pig – it’s normally fully grown because the profit margins are considerably better.

Your babi guling will be piled high with rice, roasted pork, fried pork, a savory piece of pork skin, a mix of vegetables, and spicy sambal. It’s unbelievably tasty and Ibu Oka is the premier place to eat. While you may be tempted to do so, don’t order more than one. Otherwise, you won’t get anything else accomplished during your day.

The Jimbaran Seafood restaurants are a highlight for seafood aficionados in Bali. Imagine a large string of eateries that each buy their fresh seafood from boats that arrive early in the morning. We highly recommend dining here – especially at sunset.

This giant stretch of dining establishing has 3 main sections. The Northside is considerably fancier. The middle section is known for being a bit more old-school. On the southern end, one can find affordable plastic tables nestled in the sand. All are great options. Get here a bit early and have a drink to ensure you have a prime spot for sunsets.

Canggu is basically the food capital of Bali (maybe Indonesia). I would argue that there are more restaurants in Canggu than villas – and that’s saying something. If you’re visiting the area, Old Man’s is the most famous restaurant in Canggu. Everyone flocks to Old’s Mans beach bar at night.

If you’re into the Australian surfer vibe, we highly recommend LifesCrate. This semi-industrial looking warehouse is one of the coolest spots in all of the town. There are always huge lines in the morning and there’s a limited number of tables. However, somehow the food is always delivered quickly and a table opens up the second you place your order at the counter. It’s like magic.

Luigi’s Hot Pizza is another great dining establishment for couples in Canggu. The name is a bit obvious – pizza should be hot, duh. But it’s arguably the best pizza one can find in Bali. Their drinks are incredible so if you and your new partner find yourselves bored one evening, we highly recommend heading to one of their wild cocktail parties.

Where To Stay?

The most important part of any honeymoon is almost certainly the bedroom. Here’s a guide to our favorite luxury hotels in Bali. Your dollar can stretch quite far here and any newlywed couple can feel like royalty in places like Ubud, Sanur, or Uluwatu.

Kupu Kupu Barong Villas is quite a free-spirited hotel. There are numerous awards that have been gifted to this collection of 39 villas. In fact, they have earned more independent awards than any other hotel in Bali. One of the most impressive awards has to do with the jaw-dropping view available at their on-site restaurant. Their rooftop restaurant was listed as one of the world’s top 50 tables with a view. 

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort is a cliffside resort that offers villas sitting (literally) on the edge of a cliff. If your new partner is afraid of heights, we certainly don’t recommend this as an option. It’s quite an expensive accommodation but well worth the cost if you have the means. Uluwatu is known for mountain edges that drop hundreds of feet into the ocean with crashing waves underneath. It’s a rare treat to have access to these views without interruption.

It makes it all the better that you can enjoy the views from your villa jacuzzi during a romantic sunset. These penthouses are completely unparalleled when it comes to private ocean/sunset views. If you want to stay in Uluwatu, we highly recommend this romantic getaway. In fact, almost any villa on the West coast of Uluwatu will offer an angelic view. It’s a great option for couples who don’t plan to leave their rooms very often.

Some people prefer isolation during their honeymoon. If you want isolation, don’t go to places like Kuta in Bali. Check out a more remote section of the island – like West Bali. Many people never make it to West Bali. At the Menjangan Dynasty Resort, this means you and your loved ones can have access to a gorgeous setting, with zero to minimal crowds. 

They offer incredible snorkeling, hiking, and beachside glamping tents. We highly recommend this isolated destination if you wish to avoid the common surge of tourists. You can even fly into a lesser-used airport to decrease the time spent driving to West Bali. We recommend this for adventurous couples.

Bambu Indah is one of the most nature-accessible, yet romantic getaway destinations in the entire world. The owner has even appeared on Ted Talks to discuss how bamboo is the future of architecture/home-design. This collection of bamboo villas are made from locally sourced materials. One doesn’t normally associate bamboo with luxury – prepare to have your mind changed.

The resort offers several natural swimming pools and sits on the edge of a river. The hotel organizes rice field excursions, morning yoga, and anything else you can think of. It’s amazing how they can have a completely open, yet clean setting for a hotel room. If you can find availability, we demand that you stay here. Even if it’s just for one night, you’ll be glad you did.

If you’ve picked Bali for your honeymoon destination, you’ve made the right decision regarding your trip (and hopefully you’ve made the right decision regarding your new life partner, too!) In Bali, there are no shortages of beautiful sights, delicious food, friendly people, and incredible accommodations.

The beauty of a Balinese honeymoon – there are no wrong choices, just different paths. Whether you want a romantic villa overlooking the rice fields or a room that’s beachside and offers a sunrise view, you can find something for your price range in Bali. Everybody who visits the island raves about their experience. We are sure that your journey will not be different. 

We hope you have a fantastic trip and we wish you many, many happy years ahead of you. Enjoy your honeymoon and have a great time in Bali!

Related Questions

What are the most popular tourist cities in Bali?

The most frequently visited city in Bali is Kuta. Kuta has transformed over the past 20-30 years and features the highest concentration of hotels. For surfers and young professionals, most tend to visit Canggu. For those interested in yoga-related tourism, Ubud is the most popular tourist destination.

Is Bali safe?

Yes, Bali is extremely safe and Balinese people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming individuals in the entire world. Your chances of being exposed to danger drastically increase if you decide to drive a motorbike or drink arak (a local moonshine). If you do either, be safe and smart. One should always purchase travel insurance for their vacations in Southeast Asia.

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