Delicious Morning Delights: Explore Bali’s Top 5 Breakfast Places

Explore Bali’s Top 5 Breakfast Places

Bali is home to some of the best food in the world. If you’re not careful, you could certainly end up with Bali Belly. As nobody wants to spend their vacation in the bathroom, stick to these restaurants and you’ll have the best (and safest) morning food that the island has to offer

The best breakfast places in Bali include Old Man’s, LifesCrate, Atman Kafe, Titi Batu, and Kelly’s Warung. We combined location, popularity, deliciousness, and craftsmanship into consideration for our answer. 

So what makes these places so special? Well, for starters, everyone in Bali seems to flock to these restaurants early in the morning. Anyone who wakes up early in Bali needs a good reason to do so (the hangovers make it challenging). We’ll explain why these are the best breakfast bites in Bali.

Old Man’s

Old Man’s is a legendary institution for those who visit Bali. If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, prepare to spend a shocking amount of time here – not because the service is fast, but because there is always something spectacular going on at this bar/restaurant/surf spot. 

The breakfast options there are quite large. During certain seasons, they offer Buy One, Get One plate if you come before noon. If it’s not the right season, their prices are still very reasonable. The food at Old Man’s is delicious – and best of all, it comes with a view. 

No matter the time of day, you will always find people inside Old Man’s eating, drinking, playing with friendly-ish stray dogs, and showering to get sand out of some very hard-to-reach places. Several board rental shops are situated between Old Man’s and the beach. At any hour, somewhere between 10 – 150 surfers are trying to tackle these waves. It makes for quite the show.

At night, Old Man’s holds free concerts (with big-name artists), beer pong tournaments, and absolutely wild gatherings. How convenient – you can show up to breakfast at the same place you drank 6 Bintangs the night before. You can pick up the phone or wallet you likely lost there and get a great meal at the same time. It kills two birds with one stone!

Or as they say in Bali – ‘sambil menyalam minum air’, which translates to ‘drinking water while diving’. We believe that’s a much more positive way to express the same message.


It’s extremely challenging to name a place in Bali that is more famous than Old Man’s. If one had to identify such a spot, they would naturally come to only one conclusion – LifesCrate. The restaurant only offers breakfast and brunch items and every main course item costs the same amount of money (approximately $4 USD). 

The food here is amazing, the portions are gigantic, and the line is always out the door. They have the ordering process down to a science, so you don’t need to worry about the lengthy congregation of Australian surfers waiting to order their food. 

Whether it’s a decorative and ornate coffee or a burrito the size of a small baby, you will have an Instagrammable breakfast. LifesCrate’s architecture isn’t anything to write home about, but it is cool. The building is actually an old warehouse.

At every table, underneath the plexiglass, one can find hundreds of passport photos, old drivers licenses, and quirky polaroids. Every table is decorated with pictures of those who have sat in that very seat before. If you happen to have an old Student ID, it’s the perfect place for such a card to retire.

Located a few kilometers from Canggu’s most famous beach, you can expect most of these patrons will head over to surf shortly after their meal. We’re not quite sure how they manage to do that. Every time I’ve ever eaten at Life’sCrate, I instantly fall asleep for 3 hours – and that’s after the coffee. I guess my ordering habits are to blame.

Atman Kafe

Atman Kafe — Ubud is known for a completely different vibe and restaurant scene than Canggu. In Ubud, you can expect to find yoga teachers, guys with dreads (but no shoes), and any number of self-proclaimed spiritual gurus. It’s actually wonderful – Ubud is a very special place. The locals that live here are the nicest in Bali and they’ve certainly created a unique culture that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a dining establishment that offers chairs, Atman Kafe is not the right place. Patrons who are taller than 6 feet tall certainly have their fair share of trouble attempting to fit into this floor-style seating arrangement. It’s part of the charm.

Their menu offers items you could never dream to find back home – vegan tempeh scrambles, salted butter coffee, Chili-powder limeade, a vegan Big Mac, etc. This restaurant literally sells yoga mats, essential oil diffusers, and water bottles that hold various gems on the inside. It’s definitely catering to a certain type of person but the staff is extremely friendly to anyone who walks inside the doors.

Titi Batu Fitness Club

Titi Batu is another great breakfast restaurant in Ubud. Titi Batu does a little bit of everything. They are technically a restaurant, skatepark, gym, sauna, spa, pool, bar, market, and live music venue. It’s a bit like a Balinese country club – and it’s certainly priced like one, as well.

You don’t actually need a membership to dine or drink here. If you want access to the other amenities, you will need to sign up for a daily pass, weekly pass, or monthly pass. If you have the means and intend to stay for a while, Titi Batu is a great place to spend time. 

They even offer cutting-edge haircuts in their upstairs section. Titi Batu has a pool table, a basketball court, group fitness classes, and community markets. You can do just about everything at this club. Their fitness offerings are extensive, ranging from Afro dance to Latin beats, from Zumba to tantra meditation. Even famous musician Russell Simmons occasionally teaches a yoga class here.

Their breakfast offerings are delicious. For added benefit, they are the only restaurant in Ubud that is open at 7 am. Everywhere else opens closer to 8 am or 9 am. Get a coffee or an open-faced egg sandwich here and enjoy the beautiful and relaxing poolside views.

Kelly’s Warung

If you’re in Uluwatu, it might seem challenging to find places to eat. You just have to look in the right places. As most of the beautiful areas of Uluwatu include cliffside beaches, you can expect a challenging hike to any worthwhile restaurant. There might not be much in the center of the island, but the excursion to Kelly’s Warung is well worth the troubles.

In Balinese, the word ‘warung’ means little kitchen – often inside of the home. Kelly’s combines a homey feeling with beachside charm. This little restaurant is a laid-back surfer style warung that also offers a juice bar. The two-story eatery is located right on the sand at Bingin Beach. 

It’s a bit challenging to reach this beach. You need to walk down several hundred stairs to reach the beach. We believe the challenge weeds out the crowd. The only people willing to make the journey are those who really want to be there.

Bali has a ton of great places to eat. However, we have zero doubt that the 5 breakfast spots listed above are certainly the finest in Bali. I’d be willing to bet that some are the best in all of Indonesia, too. Happy eating! Take pictures before your giant meal!

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The actual name of Eat Street is Jalan Laksmana. It is also occasionally referred to as Jalan Oberoi. It runs from a popular restaurant named KuDeTa to the Raya Kerobokan. You can find hundreds of charming restaurants and warungs, as well as countless shops.

What is a traditional Balinese breakfast?

Balinese breakfast is very different than your standard Western expectations. Balinese often eat popular lunch or dinner dishes for breakfast, as well. For example, a common breakfast dish is named ‘Babi Guling’, which is a suckling pig with rice. Another dish is named ‘Nasi Goreng’ – fried rice.

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