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Buenos Aires

If you’re looking to travel to a place where you can dance until the sun rises, book a flight to Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina could easily adopt the nickname “The City That Never Sleeps” thanks to its numerous clubs, venues, restaurants, and bars that stay open late into the night (or early morning).

What are the 5 best places for nightlife in Buenos Aires?

  • Niceto Club
  • Palacio Alsina
  • Asia de Cuba
  • Franks
  • Darsena Bar
  • Hache Almacen
  • Boticario

Keep in mind that the nightlife in Buenos Aires lives to see the sunrise, and often doesn’t get going until really late. You may not start your night until after 12:00 am, but I promise you that keeping yourself awake will be well worth it. The best aspects of nightlife in Buenos Aires are:

Dance Clubs

If you’re in the mood for dancing, note that many clubs, or boliches, don’t even open their doors until 2:00 am. I suggest you take an early night siesta and drink some café or mate before heading out on the town.

Reggaeton is the most popular genre played in these clubs, but you’ll easily be able to find house, techno, electronica, pop, and hip hop to dance to if you search for it.

Check out the following favorite clubs in Buenos Aires:

Niceto Club

Niceto Club opened its doors in 1998 and could be considered a classic destination for party-goers. The club is an old warehouse and is situated in Palermo Hollywood. Niceto club often blasts house and techno, although you can find a variety of different music and performances there depending on the night.

Palacio Alsina

Alsina is a beautiful, historic building that resembles a palace and is located in Monserrat, a neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires.  The club can hold as many as 1,500 people and has multiple VIP sections. Check out the famous event called “State”, held once a month and often hosting some of the world’s best electronic DJs.

Asia de Cuba

During the day, this venue is a sophisticated and trendy Asian fusion restaurant. By night, Wednesday through Saturday, Asia de Cuba turns into one of the hippest clubs in Puerto Madero. You can dance to a variety of music including hip hop, pop, reggaeton, and techno while being right next to the shores of the port.


If you want to experience the authentic and traditional Buenos Aires, you have to spend a night in a Milonga. A milonga is essentially a tango club: a crowded hall or room where regular people dance to tango music. If you’re new to the scene, I suggest you check out La Catedral as it is often very open to beginners.

Have you grown accustomed to the exceptionally late nights in Buenos Aires? If so, you should check out La Viruta. On the weekends, La Viruta stays open until the early morning and serves its patrons breakfast and coffee before finally closing its doors around 6 am.


You can find any style of bar in Buenos Aires. Check out the following options when considering where you should grab a drink before hitting up a night club, if you’re looking for a fancy place to grab an innovative cocktail, or if you just want to chill out at one of trendiest bars in town.


Buenos Aires is full of speakeasies and hidden, “secret” bars. They’re a great way to mix things up, and quite a convincing trip to the past. If going back in time to the prohibition era is something you’re interested in, then you should find yourself at Frank’s in Palermo Viejo. Get the secret code on one of Frank’s social media sites, and tell it to the doorman. Once you enter, glittering chandeliers, velvet lounge chairs, and vintage décor will surround you.

Darsena Bar

Made up of several shipping containers, Darsena is the perfect bar if you want a trendy and chill place to hang out in. Grab a refreshing beer and a burger from the food truck, and hang out on one of the patio’s many picnic tables. Darsena Bar, made up entirely of recycled materials, is located in Palermo.

Hache Almacen

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t go wine tasting while in Argentina. Hache Almacen is a quaint and vibrant wine bar located in Palermo Hollywood. The place often fills up with young locals and offers a variety of cheese plates to accompany your wine.


Picture this: hanging ferns, twinkle lights, and tasty, colorful cocktails. Sounds cute, right? Boticario, a botanical-themed bar in Palermo Soho, is the ideal spot for a date. Grab an innovative, herbal drink and admire the multitude of plants situated around the small bar.


Buenos Aires is a festive city, and it’s useful to keep tabs on what festivals and events may be happening when you travel there.  

An exceptional event to attend during any night of the week is Fuerza Bruta. This post-modern theater performance is awe-inspiring and exhilarating. It’s considered a 360-degree experience, thanks to the mind-blowing aerial displays above you, impressive dancing in front and beside you, and the beautiful projections surrounding you.  

Live Music

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to music. When visiting the city, I wouldn’t dare miss La Bomba del Tiempo at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. La Bomba is a fascinating and invigorating performance by several percussionists.

Over the past few years, jazz has really taken off in Buenos Aires. Notorious is one of the most popular jazz clubs in the city and often books the best local and international musicians. If you’re looking for a quieter, more low-key spot, check out Café Vinilo. Café Vilino is popular for its intimate setting and seating is first-come-first-serve, so make sure to arrive early.

Makena Cantina Club in Palermo hosts a variety of different live music events depending on the night of the week. The most popular genres are rock, soul, and funk. I suggest you go there on a Sunday night for the weekly Afro Mama Jams event and dance to live soul, funk, R&B and hip hop.

For a quieter, more rustic environment, go to El Universal Espacio Cultural. This small space is tucked away in an alley of Palermo Soho. They host open mike nights several nights of the week, where you can be blown away by some of the local musicians in Buenos Aires. Get in for free on Wednesdays for Open Blues Night.

Related Questions:

What do you wear to a club in Buenos Aires

Of course, what you wear to a nightclub may depend on the type of club you are going to. Overall, men should wear a button-down shirt, dressy jeans or pants, and either nice shoes or designer sneakers (not your standard, broken-in gym shoe). Most women will wear tighter (but not revealing) dark clothing with platform shoes.

Is water drinkable in Buenos Aires?

Tap water is safe to drink in Buenos Aires, although many people prefer to drink bottled or filtered water.

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